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Accusound Cable Company was born out of our passion for music. Since the turn of this century weʼve been refining our designs in a relentless pursuit of audio purity. Weʼve had an exceptional group of world-class audio engineers, electrical engineers, musicians, and audiophiles take part in developing cables that “really do make a difference” in oneʼs listening experience.

Whether itʼs in a professional recording studio or home audiophile component system, cables play a
crucial role in keeping your audio signal intact. Our pursuit of the quintessential best performing
interconnect cables has led us to engineering, designing and manufacturing the finest high definition copper and hybrid silver/copper cables available.


We take pride in the fact that we make our cables right here in America for many reasons - the quality of materials used in our manufacturing process, QC in the assembly process, and our ability to match and test every cable before it leaves our facility.

AccuSound is used by many of the industry’s most respected clients. In order to hear the most detailed nuances of their work, they rely on Accusound Cable.


David Schober • Charlie Farren • Dan Lawson • Robert Keeley • Zonx • William Yates • PM Music • NBC Studios • Sammy Merendino (Cindy Lauper) • Dave LaGrande • Eddie Van Halen (5150 Studio) • Chelsea Constable • Pete Matthews (Ardent Studios-North Mississippi All Stars) • Byron Gallimore (Tim Mcgraw, Faith Hill) • Paul Kolderie (Camp Street Studios-Courtney Love and Hole, Radiohead, The Slade, Go-Go’s) • Brian Evans (Mariah Carey, Journey) • Steven Seagal • Curt Mitchell • Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences (Tempe, Az.) • Philip Bynoe • Jesse Bastos • Danny Gochnour • Scott Tarulli • Acoustic Chambers Studio • Barry Hufker • Dungeon Recording Studio • Grey Area Recording Studio • Gregg Burns • Thomas Eaton Audio Recording • Chuck Everts Sound Inc. • Network Pro Marketing • About Face Audio • Steve Lintz • Ian Spanic • Jon Lieberman • Steve Trunnell (AEA) • Fred Gilbert • Steve McIntosh • Chris Knutsen • Brian Pendleton • Patrick Pulver • Danny Stone • Walt Disney Pictures/ Buena Vista Sound • Infernale Machine • Glenn Rosenstein Productions • Pierce Recording • Russ Long • DNA Music Labs • Tony Maserati • American Recording Studio • American Fiction • Michael Charvel • Jason Mraz • Glenn Tabor (GAT3 Studios) • Glenn Barratt (Morningstar Studios) • Maged Ragab (X144) • Tim Thompson (Argosy Console) • Ulrike & Jim Anderson (Anderson Audio) • Dave Pensado (Pensado's Place) • Audio Test Kitchen

Audiophile Reviews

Michael Laurance.jpg

Michael Laurance

Author at Shoestring Audiophile


Michael's blog on The Shoestring Audophile: "Your Whole System- Accusound ONES Cables"



David Blumenstein

Author at Dagogo

David's Accusound ONES series review in 




Tom Lyle

Senior Editor - Enjoy the Music

“...In a word, the Accusound XD interconnects sounded like I could hear more music, as they revealed the intentions of the musicians, engineers and producer behind the performance more easily.”


 “...and was blown-away by the sound quality that the Accusound Digital Link afforded my system...It was as if I was listening to exactly what the makers of the particular disc intended for me to hear, without ever sounding clinical.”

“...Accusound XD interconnects are worth every penny, because they exposed certain details that I couldn't hear before, but without ever sounding etched, or as if I was holding a sonic microscope up to the recording. The details were on selections I heard many, many times before, but now I was able to hear these details without having "concentrate" as much, to lean into the music as some say...”


Keisuke Wakao Picture.jpg

Keisuke Wakao

Principal Oboe, Boston Pops Orchestra Assistant Principal Oboe, Boston Symphony Orchestra; Farla and Harvey Chet Krentzman chair, endowed in perpetuity

"With Accusound cables I could immediately hear a difference in the clarity and emotional impact like I've never heard from my recorded music, so natural and open. Effortless, as if it was being performed live right in front of me. Never nervous or forced. My instrument now sounds like it does in the hall during the performance."

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 4.30.18 PM.png

Andrew Robinson

Managing Editor-

"What I really liked about the Accusound's sound was the lower mid-bass texture and control, something I hadn't realized my pro cables had been slightly glossing over."

Screen Shot 2020-12-27 at 10.08.02

Ron Cornelius

Product Manager McIntosh Laboratory Inc.

"At the 2011 CES show, McIntosh used Accusound speaker cables and balanced interconnects with great success. Not only did the system sound great with these cables, but it was refreshing to have interconnects that were both flexible and not bulky. All of the terminations on the Accusound cables were solid and top quality which allowed clean secure connections. Bravo!"

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 10.08.41



Analogue Artisan is revolutionizing the way we listen to vinyl.

Professional Reviews


Glenn Tabor

Producer at GAT3 Studios

Click to view Video Review on our YouTube channel.

Screen Shot 2020-01-12 at 3.25.16 PM.png

Glenn Barratt

GRAMMY Award-winning engineer and owner of Morningstar Studios

Click to view Video Review on our YouTube channel.


Maged Ragab aka X144

Mix & Mastering Engineer - Ms. Lauryn Hill, Qusai, Fredwreck, Alchemist, Kool G Rap

The IX3’s are a step up above everything else I was using before. It was pretty transformative, and felt like I was listening in a totally different room. And the digilink is no slouch. It’s the most depth I’ve been able to achieve from a digital cable yet.

Click to view Video Review on our YouTube channel.


Tim Thompson

President of Argosy Console

"There's a MARKED difference."



Tony Maserati

Multi-time GRAMMY Award-winning engineer

"...I could immediately hear a difference in clarity and definition in my work.”

ULRIKE ANDERSON_02 by John Abbott_Hi Res
The Anderson's Nomination.jpg

Ulrike Anderson

Award-winning Sound Engineer and Producer of Acoustic Music

"I was introduced to Accusound cables by Tony Maserati on the floor of the Audio Engineering Society Convention and was intrigued to find out what the rave was all about. I find that the audio quality of the cables from Accusound is vastly superior to what I had used before. The noise floor of my system has dropped noticeably since I have built in IX3 and SX8 cables, the imaging got more precise and listening fatigue is a symptom of the past. The folks at Accusound were very eager to custom make and deliver every cable exactly to my description. Although sold as studio cables they are very robust on the road.

Photo Credit: John Abbott


Dave Pensado

World renowned, Grammy winning mixing engineer

“Accusound cables are my clear favorite. From microphones to guitar to bass to basically any pro or audiophile application, the audio experience will be enhanced. The quality of the components is impressive and the build quality is rock solid! I love and use quite a few of the cables from Accusound and I don't mix without them. I suggest you check out their website and try them yourself.”


Glenn Rosenstein

Grammy Award Winning Producer, engineer, mixer and songwriter

“Just about the best sounding cable I’ve ever wrapped my ears around. Vastly better clarity, better staging,..."

pete mat.jpg

Pete Matthews

Ardent Studios / PM Music

"I was immediately impressed with the build of the cable, sturdy and substantial. But when I plugged it in, that’s what really sold me. Using an Accusound mic cable (after being used to a lesser cable) is like taking a pillow case off your microphone..."


Russ Long

Nashville-based engineer/producer

“The cables are truly astounding. I would never have dreamed that my monitoring accuracy could improve that drastically from simply switching out a few cables”.



Ignacio Molino

Multi Grammy Award Winning Mix Engineer

“Love this cable!

I was expecting a difference from my previous cabling since I had done some tests in the past with other very well-known brands, but with Accusound Cables the difference was so huge that I am still in shock. The chain from my DAC to my speakers sounds natural, open, defined and so "in phase" that it feels like an increased presence and detail all over the frequency spectrum. I'm definitely not buying another brand from now on!"


Edward J. Kelly

Owner of Cedar Knoll Media

"The difference between the Mogami 2534 and your cable was so vivid (to me)...I purchased your cable initially to use with a pair of AEA R44 high output passive ribbon mics, and the transformerless LaChapell.  The Accusound cables have been nothing short of perfect.”


Sammy Merendino

Recording and Performing Artist

"The detail and clarity is amazing. My drums sound the same through the speakers as they do in the room!”

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 4.36.26 PM.png

David Schober

Composer / Pianist / Professor

"Earlier this year I got to go to London to record an orchestra at Abbey Road for a project that I'm just now beginning to mix.  The last time I had these sessions up was with my old cables.   There are few things better than putting up a project in process with these new cables.  Hearing the clarity, definition and musicality in a way which had been hidden made me a happy boy!"


Guitar Player Magazine

October 2008 Issue

"Whatever is going on, the Silver Studio Pro is a sweet sounding cable that's crisp and well balanced from top to bottom. We've used it quite a lot lately in our gear tests and found it lends a richness to overdriven tones and a touch of warmth to cleaner sounds, and just has a great sense of presentation that makes everything sound a little more detailed and open."


Nate Scott

Sound Designer and Record Producer

“Accusound cables are an essential part of my monitoring chain. I can hear deeper into my mixes and better localize elements within the soundstage…benefits that often require more substantial upgrades to achieve."

matt martone.jpg

Matt Martone

Producer / Engineer at American Recording Studio

“I instantly heard a tighter, more full low end. Smoother high end. The mix seemed to have more punch, and the overall clarity of the mix was improved. I’m a fan of Accusound for life!”


Mark Whitcomb

DNA Co-Owner, Producer, Engineer, Composer, Musician

“The Accusound (MX4) cables dramatically smoothed out the high end in my near field monitors. And in my mains, I noticed a tightened up bass response. The overall frequency response is smoother, with increased air on the high-end..."

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