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audiophile cables

Accusound presents the BG1 Series – the new pinnacle of affordable production-line cables. 

By using cost-efficient manufacturing, we're able to include several of the key features that we apply to our top-of-the-line cables. Accusound's BG1 Series offers the working musician incredible value and performance for stage and studio.

This BG1 production line was handmade to our specifications in Asia.


BG1 Series XLR Microphone Cables

Premium build quality inside and out: Two 20 AWG Conductors for optimal signal transfer, Dual Shielding for unmatched noise rejection, and a tangle-free Nylon-Weave Outer Jacket for extra protection and durability.


  • Durable Nylon-weave Outer Jacket

  • Soft PVC Inner Jacket for unsurpassed flexibility

  • Braided Shield rejects EMI and RFI Interference

  • Secondary Foil Shield to prevent HF interference

  • Natural-Fiber Cotton Liner creates a snug, frictionless space for conductors to move freely 

  • Audiophile-Grade Polymer Casings for optimal signal integrity 

  • 20 AWG Conductors for the best transfer of your signal and sound

Connectors: Gold pin XLR(M) and XLR(F) connectors

Available in 15-foot, 20-foot and 25-foot lengths. Backed by our ironclad 5-Year No-Fault Warranty.

Model numbers: BG1-15-MC, BG1-20-MC, and BG-25-MC.

BG1 Instrument Cable Picture.jpg

BG1 Series Instrument Cables


  • Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) Center Primary Conductor for the best conductivity of your signal and sound. 

  • Audiophile-Grade Clear Polyethylene Insulator is used to encase the primary conductor.

  • S.C.V. Tube-On Shield is applied as a secondary system to prevent triboelectric noise or handling noise when your cable is plugged into your environment.

  • Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) Serve-Shield helps reject Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and Electrical Magnetic Interference (EMI).

  • Nylon Weave Over Outside VC Jacket  aids in keeping the cable tangle free and increases its ability to repel debris and dirt that can break the cable down.

  • Extra Double-Added Internal Connector Strain-Relief Pressure-molded plastic is applied under each connector barrel to prevent cable from breaking loose at solder joints. 

  • As an Added Layer of Strain-Relief we apply durable heat-shrink over both the connector barrel and onto the cable itself. This acts as a shock absorber which prevents cable breaking loose from tugs and pulls when performing.

Connectors: Quarter inch to right angle

Available in 10-foot and 20-foot lengths and Pedal Jumpers (below)Backed by our ironclad 5-Year No-Fault Warranty.

Model numbers: BG1-10-R and BG1-20-R

Accusound BG1_Jumper 3-pack.jpg

BG1 Pedal Jumpers

Pack of three

Connectors: Right angle quarter inch to right angle quarter inch

7 inches in length. Backed by our ironclad 5-Year No-Fault Warranty.

Model number: BG1-3-RR


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