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Accusound SX8 Series – American Made – Premium Multi-pair Cables. Our SX8 cables are designed to achieve the perfect transmission of audio signal for all critical studio and broadcast applications requiring sonic precision. SX8 features a modern multi-pair design with 98% shielding for an extremely low noise floor, maximum RFI and EMI rejection. The inner workings are comprised of two 26 AWG silver/copper hybrid ultra pure conductors; each sealed in an audiophile-grade, low loss polypropylene insulator and planetary wound for sonic accuracy. The bandwidth is very uniform with superb clarity, clean mid-range and excellent rendering of lower frequencies. The SX8 line has a five year “no fault” warranty from the date of purchase. With a Dsub to TRS connector.

SX8 (8) Channel Interconnect Cable With Dsub to TRS

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