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Made in the USA, the Accusound Silver HD7 is a premium tube microphone cable created for the highly acclaimed Sony C 800g valve microphone. It is designed to achieve the perfect transmission of audio signals for critical studio and broadcast applications requiring absolute sonic precision. The cable features a 7-conductor double shielded helix SPC design for low noise floor, maximum RFI and EMI noise rejection. The inner workings are comprised of two 20 AWG and five 26 AWG high-strand silver plated copper conductors; each sealed in an audiophile-grade, low loss polypropylene insulator and planetary wound for sonic accuracy. The bandwidth is uniform with superb clarity, clean midrange and excellent rendering of lower frequencies. We assemble the HD7 with silver solder and Sonyʼs specified 7-pin connectors for an exact fit from power supply to microphone.

20' HD7 Silver Replacement Cable for Sony C800g

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