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Unleash YOUR tone with the Accusound GX2.


The GX2 captures every aspect of your performance - every subtle picking nuance, tonal variation, everything.  


The GX2s design is based on years of listening & playing evaluation. We use only the highest quality materials and stringent manufacturing processes. Every step of the cable making process is overseen by us personally to ensure absolute quality. This ensures that a perfect representation of what you play out of your guitar makes it to your amp or mixer. 


GX2 is never "dark" or "bright" or "warm," or "cold" etc. 


The GX2 is never anything. It simply conveys what you play.


It's Your Tone. 


  • Custom wound, high strand-count oxygen-free copper core conductor
  • Audiophile high-grade purity polymers
  • Double shielded for maximum RFI, EMI and triboelectric noise rejection
  • Silver solder for purity and lifelong durability
  • Gold plated copper core G&H connectors (made in USA)
  • RoHS compliant
  • Designed, manufactured, and hand assembled in the USA 
  • We offer a 5 year "no fault" warranty from the date of purchase

GX2 Pedal Jumper

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