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Accusound IX3-True Balanced Interconnect Cable is designed to achieve perfect transmission of your audio signals for all critical studio monitoring and outboard connections. While quad cables are perfect for low output microphones and stage applications where noise can be problematic; by design they’re not the best choice for connecting studio components. Because one cable can’t do everything, we designed the IX3 from the ground up as a dedicated studio interconnect.

It features 3 high-strand count oxygen free copper conductors. Each set of conductors are sealed in an audiophile-grade, low loss polyethylene insulator which preserves sonic accuracy and clarity of the original signal path. The bandwidth is uniform with a clean midrange and excellent representation of lower frequencies. Specially designed double layered shielding is added for additional RFI and EMI noise rejection. This extra shielding yields an extremely quiet interconnect cable without compromise.

Silver solder compound is used to assemble a set of high quality audiophile XLR/TRS connectors to each cable, assuring maximum conductivity at all contact points.


IX3 Features:

• Custom wound high-purity (OFHC) copper conductors

• Audiophile-grade high purity polymers

• Ultra- low capacitance for detailed, transparent sound quality

• 2 layers of shielding for maximum RMI and EMI noise rejection

• Premium gold-plated connectors

• Silver solder joints for maximum conductivity and strength

• RoHS compliant

• We offer a 5 year “no fault” warranty from the of purchase

• Proudly designed, manufactured, and hand assembled in the United States of America

IX3 Interconnect Cable

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